Author Topic: Trouble Shooting Printer - Horizontal or Vertical Lines in Print  (Read 1584 times)


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Horizontal Lines in Images (picture held upright - Portrait)
1.   These lines are an indication that the printhead has a flow problem
2.   See steps above in cleaning the printhead.

Vertical Lines in Images (picture held upright - Portrait)
1.   These lines indicate that the rollers are dragging on icing sheet
2.   To help with these lines put your printer settings on "envelope setting"
3.   To do this thru your computer follow these steps:
4.   Go to Start
5.   Go to Control Panel
6.   Click on Devices and Printers
7.   Find the printer you are working with
8.   Right click on the icon
9.   Go to Printer Preferences
10.   Click on the "Main" tab
11.   Change Media type to "Envelope"
12.   Click ok at bottom of window
13.   New window will pop up, click "IGNORE" and window will disappear
14.   try printing your picture now
15.   If you have the MagiClean Roller Cleaner you can use this tool to clean the rollers
16.   Spritz the fabric on the roller cleaner
17.   Gently move the Cleaner Tool back and forth where the paper comes out of the front of the machine
18.   Make sure to insert and remove the cleaner gently do not swipe it along the rollers - you may cause damage to the rollers if you do this
19.   The roller cleaner may be used multiple times to remove ink and icing build up on the rollers